WordPress development environment – Aptana, Virtualbox and Google Code

At work we always have a pretty hefty development environment. At home I’ve never had any dedicated environment for my web development. It’s both a relief and something I miss.

Today I’ll try to set up a WordPress development environment that’s a bit more robust than my old setup where I download the file I need to change from my website to my desktop, change it, upload it and refresh the browser.… Fortsätt läsa “WordPress development environment – Aptana, Virtualbox and Google Code”

Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04) Released!


Ubuntu Hardy Heron (V 8.04) is now available on the official release servers!

Ubuntu Logo

As the last time; roll up your sleeves and help seeding the files! Don’t forget to configure that Quality of Service in your router! I attached the torrent files for Hardy Heron if the servers become unavailable.… Fortsätt läsa “Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04) Released!”