Pair programming to close the gap between business and development

Before I started pairing I often felt that there was a gap between business and development -departments. Communication was mostly done via bug trackers or specifications. Issues were ofter dealt with via e-mail and misconceptions were common. Since I started pairing I feel a greater (not perfect but better!) contact to the business and I […]

Pair programming – Research

I’ve read up on some pair programming research. Here is the different papers I’ve read. With a short description for each. Strengthening the Case for Pair-Programming They compare results from professional developers working with and without pair programming and teams at the university doing both pair programming and non pair programming. In all cases pair […]

Pair programming – Podcasts and tools

Coding QA Podcast – Episode 30 Pair Testing Pair testing makes you more open to think about the customer and corner cases You increase creativity by helping each other to see new solutions If you are having a bad day there will be someone helping you out You’ll be more effective pair programming Important to […]

Semester 5: Project Socio

The fifth semester (at the IT University) I was part of a six person team that analyzed an existing application written for Mac OS X (in Objective-C), with the ambitions to reuse as much as possible of the application, though changing requirements for it. The first requirement added, was that the new application (Socio) should […]

Project SEAGRID – Done!

The forth semester’s project (at the IT University), SEAGRID, was aimed to create a simulation of an automatic container harbor. The project was a mid size project with about 50 team members. To organize the project all team members where split into nine different teams, all with its own responsibilities. I had two roles in […]