Jesper & Erik, Cementiri, Sans Montjuic

1/125 : f4.5

Shot with an FED2 camera with an Industar 26 lens and Tudor XLX 200 film.

Exposure settings: 1/125 : f4.5. I use the Pocket Light Meter + Sunny 16 to measure the exposer. Only one image from my first roll was overexposed sa it seem to work reliable enough.… Fortsätt läsa

Traces VI, Sardinia – Knee drop heelside speed check :)


This fall the Slipstream team went a week to Sardinia to explore the area and make longboard movies. The videos are part in the Traces series where Slipstream explore new unridden areas. We made three video episodes around this adventure.

This is a shoot from the second part from Sardinia – i.e.… Fortsätt läsa

Slipstream Longboards – New web site for 2012

Last week we updated the web site for Slipstream Longboards. I made it together with Daniel Lundgren on Medium Distribution.

As previous years we have a strong product catalogue area on the web site.

In 2012 we are really growing our team with at least 3 new team-riders and we are adding a new area for the team on our web site with both a blog and rider profiles.… Fortsätt läsa