2014 års Slipstream-katalog

Vi har just laddat upp 2014 års Slipstream-katalog!

Katalogen, inklusive att ta fram grafiker, är mitt största jobb under hösten. Vi utgick från 2013 och byggde vidare på samma koncept men I år har vi åkbilder på de flesta uppslagen.… Fortsätt läsa

Upload your old photos to Flickr

I use Flickr for all photos I would like to share with everyone and (a locked down) Picasa album for family events and other more personal things.

I have been using different online photo tools the last couple of years. Everything form building my own, to Gallery, WordPress, Picasa and Flickr.… Fortsätt läsa

RAW files from a Canon A540

I have been playing around with CHDK for some years. It is a program that runs from your camera’s memory card. On top of its operating system. It can enhance the functionality on many Canon cameras.

I’ve mostly used it to add a live histogram, show which parts of the image that are under and over exposed, display real battery usage (My Canon A540 doesn’t show how much battery that’s left) and to create time lapse videos.… Fortsätt läsa