Syncronize my Sony Ericsson K800i via Bluetooth

All I needed was to be able to receive multiple files sent via Bluetooth from my phone to my computer. At first, this seemed easy, but after running the Bluetooth receive files wizard in Windows I realized that it was not capable of receiving multiple files without restarting the wizard for each file.… Fortsätt läsa “Syncronize my Sony Ericsson K800i via Bluetooth”

Synchronize Google Calendar with cell phone

Today I found a great application (GCALSYNC) that allows users to synchronize Google Calendar with their cell phone. It runs on the phone and are capable of both uploading and downloading to and from Google Calendar. Unfortunatley my phone is unsupported, but I guess that’s a good thing, finally making me buy a new one ^_^
It’s still in beta, but seems to work (according to Peter).… Fortsätt läsa “Synchronize Google Calendar with cell phone”