Jesper & Erik, Cementiri, Sans Montjuic

1/125 : f4.5

Shot with an FED2 camera with an Industar 26 lens and Tudor XLX 200 film.

Exposure settings: 1/125 : f4.5. I use the Pocket Light Meter + Sunny 16 to measure the exposer. Only one image from my first roll was overexposed sa it seem to work reliable enough.… Fortsätt läsa

Slipstream Longboards – New web site for 2012

Last week we updated the web site for Slipstream Longboards. I made it together with Daniel Lundgren on Medium Distribution.

As previous years we have a strong product catalogue area on the web site.

In 2012 we are really growing our team with at least 3 new team-riders and we are adding a new area for the team on our web site with both a blog and rider profiles.… Fortsätt läsa