Using Motion webcam software to capture an image every 30 seconds

Sometimes I use a webcam to capture images that I then use for time lapse videos. Other times I use my old Canon camera with CHDK and an interalometer script.

I have been trying to find a simple and robust webcam tool for this for years but all packages are too complicated and anoying.… Fortsätt läsa “Using Motion webcam software to capture an image every 30 seconds”

Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04) Released!


Ubuntu Hardy Heron (V 8.04) is now available on the official release servers!

Ubuntu Logo

As the last time; roll up your sleeves and help seeding the files! Don’t forget to configure that Quality of Service in your router! I attached the torrent files for Hardy Heron if the servers become unavailable.… Fortsätt läsa “Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04) Released!”

Tomato Router – Quality Of Service (QoS)

In my previous post I requested you to help and seed the new Ubuntu Gutsy release. After having my torrent client seeding for some hours I realized that my DSL connection (8Mbit/1Mbit) wasn’t as keen as I was on the high network load it created.… Fortsätt läsa “Tomato Router – Quality Of Service (QoS)”

Ubuntu Gutsy – Dual Screen Resolution Almost Works!

Ubuntu Gutsy - Resolution on external monitor is kind of ok!I run a 14″ build in monitor on my laptop (1024×768) and a 17″ external monitor (1280×1024). I would like to use only the external monitor when I’m at home and the laptop monitor when I’m not. Getting this to play nice has always been a problem in any Linux distribution I have ever tried.… Fortsätt läsa “Ubuntu Gutsy – Dual Screen Resolution Almost Works!”

Geek podcasts

I’m really beginning to enjoy podcasting! It’s nice to find a good use of my mp3player again by getting some news (geeknews in this case).

Top 3, October:

They are all pretty geeky & mostly focused on Linux, so if that’s youre thing you might give them a visit.… Fortsätt läsa “Geek podcasts”