Robots.txt file to allow only one folder

I have only one folder (/blog/*) on my web site that I want search engines to index. To restrict all folders but the /blog/* folder I added the following to a text file named robots.txt that I put in the root folder of my web site.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /
Allow: /blog/
Allow: /index.php
Allow: /favicon.ico
Allow: /robots.txt
Allow: /sitemap.xml
Allow: /sitemap.xml.gz

Tested it with Google Webmaster Tools and it seems to work. Easy as that!

Synchronize Google Calendar with cell phone

Today I found a great application (GCALSYNC) that allows users to synchronize Google Calendar with their cell phone. It runs on the phone and are capable of both uploading and downloading to and from Google Calendar. Unfortunatley my phone is unsupported, but I guess that’s a good thing, finally making me buy a new one ^_^
It’s still in beta, but seems to work (according to Peter).

Well, try it out!

Google Desktop – No program icons in Quick search

I have a strange problem with Google Desktop. I use the Quick Search as a program lancher but when I do the search in the QuickSearch I don’t get the icons (or the same search results) as when I do the search in the Side Bar.
See the images below

No icons in Google Quick Search
No icons (and ”incomplete” desktop search) in Quick Search.

Icons in Google Desktop Seach
Icons (and ”complete” desktop search) in the Google Sidebar search.

Is there any one that knows where I can adjust this? Thanks in advance!

Update: I have now removed GDS and reinstalled it. No luck. So I mailed Googles support and we’ll see if they can come up with anything. I’ll keep you posted!

Update 2: I was in contact with Google a number of times and their best solution was to remove EVERYTHING (including the databases, settings, etc) and reinstall Google Desktop. This solution did work, so if you have similar problems that’s the way to go.