GCalSync 1.2.6 (ßeta)

Today I managed (for the first time) to do a decent two-way synchronization between my cell phone (Sony Ericsson K800) and Google Calendar. It seems like all my data except for full day events were synchronized correct (full day events became just an event). It’s heading the right direction even if there are issues left […]

Google Desktop – No program icons in Quick search

I have a strange problem with Google Desktop. I use the Quick Search as a program lancher but when I do the search in the QuickSearch I don’t get the icons (or the same search results) as when I do the search in the Side Bar. See the images below No icons (and ”incomplete” desktop […]

Multiple signatures in Gmail

To get multiple signatures in Gmail check out this Gmail Tweak. There are instructions on the website on how to install it. What I had some problem understanding was that one was supposed to download the script, modify it and use that script with Greasemonkey in FireFox. It worked good even though the compose page […]