Fake tilt-shift: Shopping mayhem


Tried another faked tilt shift in Gimp. This time I used a gradient quick mask and the Focus Blur plugin.

Guide: www.flickr.com/groups/tilt-shift-fakes/discuss/7205759407…
Focus blur plugin: sudakyo.hp.infoseek.co.jp/gimp/fblur/focusblur_e.html
Focus blur Windows version: registry.gimp.org/node/1444
Install plugins in Gimp: www.techzilo.com/install-plugins-brushes-gradients-in-gimp/… Fortsätt läsa

Sailing school (fake tilt shift)


A fake tilt-shift on the optimist dinghy sailing school in Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm.

I’m not really sure if the tilt-shift effect is all that obvious (The boats are really small to begin with)

Made with the Gimp and the Focus plugin. Created with a gradient depth map with cutouts for all boats.… Fortsätt läsa

Finally – Inkscape, Gimp and Wacom!

A year ago I replaced my old Wacom Intous 1 for a Wacom Graphire 4 and to my great frustration neither Inkscape nor Gimp could handle the new pad. I researched it and found out something about a GTK/Wacom-driver error… This was sad since I really liked both of the applications.… Fortsätt läsa