Video: Mini RC 2006/2007

This new video features stunts performed by Mini RC planes and helicopters. Info Trädgårdsföreningen, Gothenburg, Sweden 2006 Starring: Max and Ola Time: 0-1:123 Stampen Churchyard, Gothenburg Sweden 2006 Time: 1:23-1:30 Trädgårns uteservering, Gothenburg, Sweden 2006 Starring: Max and Ola Time: 1:30-3:18 Tollare Folkhögskola, Saltsjö Boo, Sweden 2007 Starring: Johan and Ola Time: 3:18-3:50 Trädgårns uteservering, […]

Mosaic Maker

The Mosaic Maker is a sweet web site! I allows you to create mosaic from images, links and best of all (if you are using it) your Flickr pages! An example from some of my photos that I uploaded when I used Flickr.

Cellphone stuck in headset mode!

Today my cellphone got stuck in headset-mode. I mean really got stuck. Nothing seemed to work (reboots, hard reboots, all the ”standard” trix) . I found out that there are some switch inside the hole for the headset plug that every now and then gets jammed and keep the phone from understanding that there are […]