From the yearly longboard competition in Näckrosdommen 2006

The orange guy had a pretty rough day. This wasn’t the first. See:

Ängelholm skateboard competition 2001

Me and Martin arranged a skateboard competition, with after party, in Ängelholm 2001. We had about 70 persons competing. People arrived all the way from Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Umeå. Christian was DJ and Niclas speaker.

I made the poster. It was printed in A5. We spread it in several hundred copies. Mostly through skateboard shops in Sweden. We updated the local skate web site ( with a chat wall / guest book where you could discuss the competition.

Videos from the competition

Video on YouTube: Skatetävling – Ängelholm 011013 (del 1 av 3)

Video on YouTube: Skatetävling – Ängelholm 011013 (del 2 av 3)

Video on YouTube: Skatetävling – Ängelholm 011013 (del 3 av 3)

Images from the after party