Wow, det finns en närmre väg hem också! / First ascent?


I went back to Branta trappan with Sofia today. I found two more boulder that I liked. I climbed (this)one.

If it hasn’t been climbed before I suggest:
* Name: "Wow, det finns en närmre väg hem också!"
* FA: Ola Lindberg (2012-09-15)
* Initial grade: 4
* Other: Sit start.… Fortsätt läsa

Lång väg hem, Branta trappan / First ascent?


Today I went to Branta trappan (by myself). Mostly to look at the area but also to do some of the easier problems. I also thought about making a simple topo (map to the different climbs) for the area.

When I played with X-bow I saw this arete 200 m further away.… Fortsätt läsa