The road to Fontainebleau?


I saw the beautiful roadsign just outside the market place in Milly la foret. Grabbed my camera and the ATM-man walked in to my frame.

Where is he going? And what will he buy there?

How does bouldering feel?


Bouldering is a kind of climbing where you climb problems (routes) on smaller blocks. Often the difficulty is concentrated to one or a couple of moves.

Many times you retry to finish the same problem during many months. I, for example, have been trying to climb one of the classics in Gothenburg almost once a month for three years. Every time I make some micro improvements. I’m getting closer and closer and when I’m up it will be a feast.

Many times you sit by yourself undre the rock and feel frustrated. It’s a part of the game. Here is a picture of my friend Fredrik sitting below Tam-tam. Also he, a bit frustrated.