Finally! We are leaving Gothenburg and it feels good!

I moved to Gothenburg with Elisabet the 20th of July 2002 to start studying at Chalmers. We got an apartment in Tynnered. At first I thought it was great but the more I lived there, the more sad it seemed to be.… Fortsätt läsa “Finally! We are leaving Gothenburg and it feels good!”

Bachelor Thesis!

In the last semester at the IT University I wrote my Bachelor Thesis together with Peter Thorin. We evaluated the maturity of a Microsoft tool for model driven development called Microsoft Domain-Specific Languge Tools (DSL Tools).

The work included building a MetaModel for Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) using DSL Tools and compare the results, both in the time it took to develop the MetaModel and the number of elements in our language, with existing studies on similar techniques (UML MetaModel extensions and UML Profiles).… Fortsätt läsa “Bachelor Thesis!”

Semester 5: Project Socio

Socio Icon The fifth semester (at the IT University) I was part of a six person team that analyzed an existing application written for Mac OS X (in Objective-C), with the ambitions to reuse as much as possible of the application, though changing requirements for it.… Fortsätt läsa “Semester 5: Project Socio”

RSI: two weeks later

Two weeks ago I decided that I couldn’t continue to have a pain in my wrists any more. So I had some different opportunities where the two closest where to:

  • stop using computers more or less or,
  • really try to start caring about how I use my computer

I chose the last one, which at first thought seemed to hinder me from being into the software engineering or being into Linux and open source.… Fortsätt läsa “RSI: two weeks later”

Project SEAGRID – Done!

The forth semester’s project (at the IT University), SEAGRID, was aimed to create a simulation of an automatic container harbor. The project was a mid size project with about 50 team members. To organize the project all team members where split into nine different teams, all with its own responsibilities.… Fortsätt läsa “Project SEAGRID – Done!”

Can One Have a Submarine as Pleasure Boat?

Some days ago I saw a submarine on my way to school. Ever since I have been talking about it and asking people if one are allowed to have a submarine as pleasure boat. At first I guessed that is was no problem with it, but then I thought that people would probably be scared.… Fortsätt läsa “Can One Have a Submarine as Pleasure Boat?”

What did You have for breakfast?

When I read about people (often computer related people that are creative/productive) I like to think about how their life are. What they eat for breakfast, what magazine they read, what shoes they wear, etc..

Anyway, if someone thought about what I did eat to breakfast here is today’s list.… Fortsätt läsa “What did You have for breakfast?”


As all Wednesdays we (Adam, Elisabet and me (Magnus couldn’t come today)) meet and made food. Today Adam made a spinach, gorgonzola and fresh pasta thingie that was really fresh!

Onsdagsklubben - Mat

Then we watched the 10th episode of LOST (yes, we have not downloaded all the episodes as all other people I know…) on TV.… Fortsätt läsa “Onsdagsklubben!”

Project Rumorize; 3 down – 3 to go!

Rumorize Icon

The third semester at the IT University we had the idea to create a system that should search various discussion forums and other websites to assemble similar information. This was done by creating an intelligent agent that searched the web sites, grouped the data and put the information in a database.… Fortsätt läsa “Project Rumorize; 3 down – 3 to go!”