Cykellagaren, Barcelona


Denna man satt på gatan bredvid vår parkering och lagade cyklar. Han hade en skåpbil full av gamla cyklar som han om jag förstod honom rätt lagade på plats.

Jag kan ju mycket väl ha missförstått allt eftersom jag inte pratar spanska och han ej engelska.

Bicycle LED Sign

Bicykle LED sign - 448I have been riding my bike to school for 1,5 year now. Every day. I don’t miss the crowded buss 16 and I’m less stressed now. Another reason was to save some money (~500 SEK / Month).

Anyway. When I went to school yesterday I saw this new LED sign that told me I was number 600 going there that day (this photo is from today). At first I couldn’t find any use of such a sign, but after some a while I did feel something special with it.

I talked to Adam about this sign on the way home and we agreed on that promoting bikes in cities is something that should be high priority, mostly because it’s much neater to go by bike.