Anti-spam for comments in WordPress

I have some problems with spam in the comment area in WordPress (this blog). So I started to look for a plugin that could handle this. I have seen that people use captcha (images with letters that you should insert when submitting a post) plugins but since I think that some people might have problems reading the letters I don’t want to use it.

So I looked at another plugin called Did You Pass Math?. It works but has some issues. For example if you write a comment and forgets to fill in the field for the answer you will lose the data.

Then I found out that WorPress actually have created a technique where they will match comments against a database. The plugin is called Akismet and is installed by default in WordPress. All you have to do is to register on to get an API Key.

I hope this will solve the problems!

New anti spam filter!

Since I got complaints about that people must create an account to comment I added a plug-in called Did You Pass Math?

Be careful not to forget to answer the question, unfortunately it does loose your comment if you miss the quiz!

Hope it works. Please tell me otherwise!