A customized WordPress theme

Today I made some customizations to the nice WordPress theme GlossyBlue. I wanted it to feel more personal so I added another background, one of my own photos, modified some fonts (for readability) and added tango icons. Download My custom version of GlossyBlue.

SharpWired News Site!

The Planet SharpWired site is now online on our source forge project page! Since sourceforge don’t allow outgoing connections on project web pages I have set up the planet elsewhere and uploads the files to sourceforge every hour using rsync. This means that there is a delay for maximum one hour before the page and […]

Using WordPress as news column

When building my latest web site (Slipstream Longboards) I figured that I should use some existing tools for the news column. Since I had some knowledge about WordPress I decided to go with that. What I wanted was to use the nice WYSIWG editor WordPress and also to have a nice way to generate the […]

WHYY Radio intervju with Don Norman

WHYY Radio Times had (2006-04-26) an interview with Don Norman (the author of the book; The Design of Everyday Things) about smart design. It is worth listening to. It’s available as both mp3 and Real Audio. Visit: WHYY’s Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane web site for more information. Update: Added URL to the Radio Times […]