Slipstream Traces – Barcelona!

Nu finns det två nya episoder i Slipstream Traces! Traces är en videoserie där Slipstreamåkarna utforskar nya delar av världen att åka på. Tidigare avsnitt har varit från den Norska landsbygden, Portugal och Sardinien. I år är det Barcelona!

Jag har varit kreativ projektledare och stillbildsfotograf för både årets Barcelona-videos och förra året på Sardinien.… Fortsätt läsa

Slipstream Longboards – Team meeting video

The Swedish Slipstream team and I did short video edit from Ramberget this winter. With an interview with our two new team riders Ming Chan and Marcus Tjernström.

We went out one afternoon and shoot the action part at Ramberget. We did the interview at Wieselgrensplatsen.… Fortsätt läsa

Sony Vegas Platinum 8 HDV workflow

I’m using Sony Vegas Platinum 8 to make my video editing. It’s some years old but I like it a lot. I just updated my camera from standard definition to high definition (one Canon HV20-PAL and one Canon 550D). It gave me some problems.… Fortsätt läsa

Combine Time Lapses with standard DV – Avidemux and Sony Vegas

I’ve just gone trough some hoops to import a time lapse video made in Avidemux into my standard DV project in Sony Vegas. My first issue was to find a suitable video format and the second to get the size of the time lapse video to match the size of the DV format.… Fortsätt läsa

Easy way to convert videos using FFmpeg!

Update: I used FFmpeg for some conversions but I just found out Avidemux and it seems promising! Trying it right away!

Every once in a while I get my hands on a video file that I can’t play. Today when I wanted to watch a bouldering movie it failed.… Fortsätt läsa

Video: Mini RC 2006/2007

This new video features stunts performed by Mini RC planes and helicopters.


  1. Trädgårdsföreningen, Gothenburg, Sweden 2006
    Starring: Max and Ola
    Time: 0-1:123
  2. Stampen Churchyard, Gothenburg Sweden 2006
    Time: 1:23-1:30
  3. Trädgårns uteservering, Gothenburg, Sweden 2006
    Starring: Max and Ola
    Time: 1:30-3:18
  4. Tollare Folkhögskola, Saltsjö Boo, Sweden 2007
    Starring: Johan and Ola
    Time: 3:18-3:50
  5. Trädgårns uteservering, Gothenburg, Sweden 2006
    Starring: Max
    Time: 3:50-4:26
  6. Tollareängen, Saltsjö Boo, Sweden 2007
    Starring: Adam
    Time: 4:27-4:52
  7. Trädgårdsvägen, Saltsjö Boo, Sweden 2007
    Starring: Simon and Adam
    Time: 4:52-5:37

See this Google Map for all locations pinned down.… Fortsätt läsa

Setting PAL as default video format in iMovie HD 06

This week I got my hands on a PowerMac dual G4 Mirror Drive Door that I will use as a video editing station with iMovie.

When I started iMovie I noticed that it had set the default DV format to be DV-NTSC (probably since I use English as my language).… Fortsätt läsa