25 år med internet och en minut med WordPress 5.0

Internet is full, go away

Jag var online första gången för ungefär 25 år sedan. Ett pipande, knastrande och oändligt långsamt modem som hette Joker box, datorn var en biegegrå IBM och skärmen var liten och flimrande. De var minst sagt spännande.… Fortsätt läsa

Automatisk indentering i Brackets

I Brackets kan ni installera tillägg och ett av tilläggen kan automatiskt indentera era dokument.

Brackets Indentator

Det finns många olika tillägg för att indentera. Det jag använder heter Indentator och ni installerar det genom att trycka Arkiv > Tillägshanteraren.

För att sedan köra det öppnar ni en HTML-fil och trycker Redigera > Indent Document (längst ner).… Fortsätt läsa

WordPress on OSX (10.6.8), Apache, PHP & htaccess

I’ve just managed to get OSX 10.6.8 to work with mod_rewrite and .htaccess to be able to let WordPress rewrite it’s URLs. Here is what I did.

I installed WordPress to my homefolder so I’ll access it using http://localhost/~ola/wordpress. Apache is configured to use a split config in OSX so to change the directives for the home folder you change the file /private/etc/apache2/users/Ola.conf.Fortsätt läsa

Using Motion webcam software to capture an image every 30 seconds

Sometimes I use a webcam to capture images that I then use for time lapse videos. Other times I use my old Canon camera with CHDK and an interalometer script.

I have been trying to find a simple and robust webcam tool for this for years but all packages are too complicated and anoying.… Fortsätt läsa

Upload your old photos to Flickr

I use Flickr for all photos I would like to share with everyone and (a locked down) Picasa album for family events and other more personal things.

I have been using different online photo tools the last couple of years. Everything form building my own, to Gallery, WordPress, Picasa and Flickr.… Fortsätt läsa

Sony Vegas Platinum 8 HDV workflow

I’m using Sony Vegas Platinum 8 to make my video editing. It’s some years old but I like it a lot. I just updated my camera from standard definition to high definition (one Canon HV20-PAL and one Canon 550D). It gave me some problems.… Fortsätt läsa

WordPress development environment – Aptana, Virtualbox and Google Code

At work we always have a pretty hefty development environment. At home I’ve never had any dedicated environment for my web development. It’s both a relief and something I miss.

Today I’ll try to set up a WordPress development environment that’s a bit more robust than my old setup where I download the file I need to change from my website to my desktop, change it, upload it and refresh the browser.… Fortsätt läsa

One.com allowed image upload max image size

I’ve had some problems uploading images to my one.com hosted WordPress (v 2.9.2) blog. It seems like they have increased the allowed upload sizes / allowed memory so I’ll make a test with some different images.

If I’m not wrong these results are better than the last time I tried but I can’t remember any details.… Fortsätt läsa