WordPress development environment – Aptana, Virtualbox and Google Code

At work we always have a pretty hefty development environment. At home I’ve never had any dedicated environment for my web development. It’s both a relief and something I miss. Today I’ll try to set up a WordPress development environment that’s a bit more robust than my old setup where I download the file I […]

Upload with Uploadify running in public_html folder

Just to try it out I tried to get Uploadify to work in my public_html folder. I set it up according to the guidelines in the docs/example and ran. It returned success but the file wasn’t uploaded. My first debug idea was to add an alert to the onError event. It wasn’t triggered. My second […]

Write to TinyMCE in a WatiN integration test

Last week I worked on some integration tests in Selenium. Today I’m redoing the same test in WatiN to get a feel for both tools. Since the application uses TinyMCE for most of it’s text inputs I had to find a way to write to it within the tests. With Selenium Nick Bartlett had a […]

Start and stop Selenium Server with NUnit

I want to have our Selenium tests to run automatically the same way as our other NUnit tests does. This means that I want to have the Selenium Server started automatically before running the test cases. I started by downloading the Selenium RC and unzipped it to C:SeleniumSelenium-RC I created a .NET project where I […]

Pair programming to close the gap between business and development

Before I started pairing I often felt that there was a gap between business and development -departments. Communication was mostly done via bug trackers or specifications. Issues were ofter dealt with via e-mail and misconceptions were common. Since I started pairing I feel a greater (not perfect but better!) contact to the business and I […]

Pair programming – Research

I’ve read up on some pair programming research. Here is the different papers I’ve read. With a short description for each. Strengthening the Case for Pair-Programming They compare results from professional developers working with and without pair programming and teams at the university doing both pair programming and non pair programming. In all cases pair […]

Running WatiN tests in SharpDevelop

I tried to run my WatiN tests in the test runner in SharpDevelop and got stuck on the following error: System.Threading.ThreadStateException : The CurrentThread needs to have it’s ApartmentState set to ApartmentState.STA to be able to automate Internet Explorer. If you are running your tests with MBUnit you can add the following to your TestFixture: […]

Photos from Swedish Alt.NET unconference

Lightning talks Fight code rot! Should we stop mocking? OpenTK Context/Specification with MSpec Object databases for .NET Continuous integration – a case study Open spaces Model-View-ViewModel Web APIs Where is .NET in five years? DBB with RSpec for .NET Working with legacy code Convention over configuration Visual programming languages? DBB without specific DBB-frameworks How can […]

Pair programming – Podcasts and tools

Coding QA Podcast – Episode 30 Pair Testing Pair testing makes you more open to think about the customer and corner cases You increase creativity by helping each other to see new solutions If you are having a bad day there will be someone helping you out You’ll be more effective pair programming Important to […]