Hungrig ko / Hungry cow


Vi fiskade. Såg en tjur. Testade om han gillade chips. Han ÄLSKADE det. Rätt som det var stod han bakom oss.


We were fishing. Saw a bull. Tried to feed it with crips. He loved it so much that he escaped his pen.

Screen Resolution Wallpapers

Two wallpapers for making previewing of different screen resolutions easy. Put your web browser on the top, right corner and resize it with help of the wallpaper.

***I lost these images in a web site migration 🙁

And yes – brown is the color!

Mathias on Traktor, Hönö


The last year I’ve been looking into creating diptychs. I like that my eyes can’t really decide where to land. They flicks between the two Mathiases. Left – right – left – right.