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SpecialRosteriet is a small coffee shop in Laholm. They import and roast coffee beans.

A while ago we discussed web sites. We talked back and forth and after some discussions we agreed to start with a small, tight and easy to use web site. Based on a system where they themselves could update everything. And focus on getting used to put up information on the web. Just keeping it simple.

I have been using WordPress for several web sites. It’s a fantastic software package. The right balance between complexity and limitations with a high finish and great usability. In the past I have recommended to buy a web host and install WordPress there. This time we are using WordPress.com and letting them host the site.

It’s easy to set up. You register an account and a blog name on WordPress.com. The default URL was http://specialrosteriet.wordpress.com/ in our case. We started to build the web site with this address to get a feel for it. We created a custom top banner image with their logo and pointed their own URL, http://specialrosteriet.se/, to WordPress.com.

There are some main advantages. You don’t need to make the security updates to the WordPress software yourself, it’s cheap, you get 3 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth usage. Tying your domain name to WordPress.com costs you about $10 per (+ the name fee to your registrar, about $10 per year).

The greatest disadvantage is that you loose flexibility. You cannot install your own plugins and you are more limited in theme design. Currently that’s not a problem but when it is I’m sure it will be a fairly easy process to migrate the data to another system.

It’s easy to take small steps using this technique. They could do most of it themselves. Just having me to ask and explain. So far I have only good things to say about using WordPress.com for these types of web sites.

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