Photo summary, September 2010

This month I have focused on eye contact and sun light. To get eye contact I’ve placed myself more visible than before. Pointing my camera right at people. It takes a while to get used to it and I have ta talk myself into it every time. I try to place people in the sunlight to make them stand out.

A week ago I wanted to shoot a wall painting. I stod behind the painting. Composed it with the rule of thirds. Some air, some sky and the painting. I wasn’t happy with the result. I walked around a bit and tried to get a better idea. I took a step back and discovered that the painting was visible from behind a square. A woman sat on the bench. With trees, sun light and the painting in the background. I took two images. The woman looked at me and I shot another and knew I was done.

Wall painting in Agde

I saw the boy sitting at the stairs. In the sun. I raised my camera and took some quick shots. I got a feel for it. I waited a while. I saw two other guys coming down the stair. The sitting boy looked at me. Click.

Boysen i Agde

I’m not sure what I should do when I get eye contact. But for now I just look back and smile. It seems to work. At one point or another I’ll be confronted. But that’s ok. Maybe even fun.

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