Photo summary, October 2010

I spent the first half of October bouldering (rock climbing) in Fontainebleau (just south of Paris). I did mostly shoot videos there but some photos as well. In this image I saw the sun on Tobias hands and and waited for it to hit his face. It turned out pretty well.

Tobias, bleu 43, Cul de Chien, Trois Pignon, Fontainebleau

When I came back I had decided to buy me a new camera. A DSLR. I bought a Canon 550D with a Canon 35 mm f/2.0 lens (about 55 mm in 35 mm equivalent). My biggest concern with replacing my old compact point and shoot with a DSLR was if I was going to carry it around as much. And up until now I am.

It took a while to get used to using a real viewfinder instead of composing the shots on a LCD. I really like the stability and the feel to putting the camera to my eye, but I have been fighting with the compositions of my images. The first week I couldn’t hold the camera straight due to not having the help 1/3 lines I was used to from my old camera. I have also had issues with me forgetting to think about how much the apature affects the end result and I end up with far to narrow depth of field on many images. After about two weeks I’m starting to get confident with it though!

Paraply på Gustav Adolfstorg

I’m also very happy with it’s night capabilities. I can shot at nights with f/2.0 and ISO 1600 and get good quality hand held.

Zombies på Möllan

I have gotten two images (1, 2) published on Malmö Lund Cycle Chic and have sent some images to some small competitions on Sydsvenska Dagbladet.

Publicerat av Ola

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