Replace batteries in Philips Philishave 5890 and Philips Hair trimmer HQ-C280

Recently the batteries in my shaver (an old, but working, Philishave 5890) and hair trimmer (an old, but working, Philips HQ-C280) died. I looked around online for replacement batteries but didn’t find any specifications. I opened the devices but they didn’t tell what to use for replacements.

The 5890 uses two serial connected batteries. I measured the original size for each battery to: 42.5 x 14 mm. A little bit too long for being an AA. But I took a chance and replaced it with two NiHM AAs (47 x 14 mm). You’ll have to shoe horn them in to fit but it does.


The HQ-C280 uses one battery. I measured the size to match an AA battery exact so I just replaced it.


All the replacement batteries are standard AAs (for mounting) 1,2 V and 1500 mAh. I charged them for 20 hours and it worked fine!

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration!
    My Philishave HQ5830 had lost most of its battery performance. I fixed mine in the same way as you did, I used ordinary 2500 mAh NiMH AA batteries. Worked great! The shaver is now better than new because of its increased battery stamina!
    Here is some info on how to soldering the batteries:

  2. A link to batteries that fits exact.{ver%2f7%2fver}{st%2f3eb%2fst}{cmd%2f0%2fcmd}{m%2fwebsale%2fm}{s%2fconrad-swe%2fs}{l%2f01-aa%2fl}{mi%2fSHOP_AREA_14717_0501030%2fmi}{pi%2f250080%2fpi}{type%2fextern_search%2ftype}{po%2f1%2fpo}{sf%2f%3Cs1%3Euppladdningsbara%20batterier%3C%2fs1%3E%3Cs5%3E1%3C%2fs5%3E%2fsf}{fc%2fx%2ffc}{p1%2f6806b8437c69c0acb0df97ade0f760e0%2fp1}{md5%2fe06bc89eaf0d55f4ff02f18d3381bab2%2fmd5}

  3. @Erik

    The spec. for the batteries Erik recommended are:

    Batterikapacitet 1200 mAh
    Batteristorlek 4/5 R6
    Batteriteknologi NiMH
    Innehåll 1 Styck
    Mått (ØxL) 14.5 mmx43 mm
    Typ (tillverkartyp) HHR120
    Fläns för lödning Yes
    Spänning 1.2 V
    Vikt –

  4. Hi,
    Invaluable info, thanks. Any tips / pointers on how to open the shell of the c280? I actually have a c282 which looks identical to the c280 pictured above. However, I see no obvious easy way to open it as no screws, fasteners or clips are visible. There must obviously be a trick like pressure points along the seams to open the case, but I would not want to use force and break something.

  5. Thanks for posting this – gave me the confidence to try it when my Philishave T764 died.

    Just wondering how long I should charge it now.

    The old batteries were Ni-Cd 550mAh and the new ones are 2100mAh Ni-MH. According to this pdf the correct charging time was 10 hours for Ni-Cd. It’s lists 14 hours for Ni-MH but I suppose that depends on the rating of the battery.

    For reference, my stand-alone battery charger here does 500mAh Ni-Cd in 6 hours and 2100mAh Ni-MH in 21 hours, if that helps.

    Here’s my calculations:
    From my battery charger’s numbers: 500mAh @ 6 hours ~= 550mAh @ 6.5 hours
    Since the shaver does 550mAh @ 10 hours, the ratio compared with the battery charger is 10/6.5=1.5 (ie 50% more ”powerful”).

    Going back the way, if it takes the battery charger 21 hours to charge a 2100mAH Ni-MH then it should take the shaver 21*1.5=31.5 hours.

    Sound sensible?

  6. I don’t know. I think maybe that the shaver shuts down the charging after a certain time? Or it measures how many volts the batteries are at?

    I just put my on change 20 hours the first time and it seems to work. Generally I leave it to charge a bit longer now that I did with the original battery.

    Hope it works as good for you as for me!

  7. Fantastic site you have here but I was curious if you knew of any forums that cover the same topics talked about in this article? I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get opinions from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Bless you!

  8. Hi there. Great blog you have here.

    I tried to replace the batteries of my 5890, as you describe. I’ve mount 2 aa, 1,2v rechargeable batteries 2200mHa. The screen presents full charge in two hours. The problem is that after one shave it goes to 0. If I put it on charge for 1 second, put the machine on again and remove the electricity power source, it starts working non stop for 4 hours!!!I’ve tried twice and same thing happens. The batteries are charged but the machine don’t works, presenting a 0 shaves screen… Some ideas?
    PS: Sorry about my English.

  9. Just replaced my battery on the HQ-C280.
    Was looking for some charging information and found this site.
    This shaver is awesome. It’s been going for almost 10 years and with the new battery I’m hoping another 10.
    Think of the money saved in haircuts!
    Damn, I’m cheap.

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