Photos from Swedish Alt.NET unconference

Alt.NET Unconference - Dinner at Vapiano
Alt.NET Unconference - Dinner at Vapiano

Lightning talks

  • Fight code rot!
  • Should we stop mocking?
  • OpenTK
  • Context/Specification with MSpec
  • Object databases for .NET
  • Continuous integration – a case study

Open spaces

  • Model-View-ViewModel
  • Web APIs
  • Where is .NET in five years?
  • DBB with RSpec for .NET
  • Working with legacy code
  • Convention over configuration
  • Visual programming languages?
  • DBB without specific DBB-frameworks
  • How can you spread TDD?
  • Traditional roles in agile projects
  • DSL
  • What is the next step for Alt.NET?
  • Pair programming

Great fun! Great discussions! Great friends! And most open spaces ended up with some kind of  TDD discussions!

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  1. Hej Ola!
    Kul att se att du har roligt!
    Jag jobbar på Kungsgatan numera, var jobbar du? Ska vi äta lunch? 🙂

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