Kinesis Advantage – Customization for International Layouts

I have been using a Kinesis Advantage keyboard for half a year now and I think it’s a great keyboard. My hands feels more relaxed now than before and my RSI symptoms have decreased dramatically.

Since I mostly use a Swedish variant of Dvorak (Svorak-A1) I had some problems finding the built in shortcuts for selecting different settings on the layout (the shortcuts mentioned in the manual doesn’t work the same way on a Swedish layout as on a En/Us layout).

On a Swedish version of the Advantage, use the following shortcuts instead

Turn on and off audible tones (sounds for Caps Lock / Num Lock)

  • Program + (?+)

Turn on and off key clicks

  • Program + (*’)

Instant Configuration

  • (´`) + (w) for ”Windows mode”
  • (´`) + (p) for ”non Windows mode” (use this for international Windows layout and in Linux)
  • (´`) + (m) for ”Macintosh mode”

Reset (there are several different resets, see the manual for more info) the keyboard:

  • Program + Shift + F10

Kinesis On-Board Dvorak Layout (on a Swedish computer)

  • Program + Shift + F5

Kinesis On-Board Dvorak Layout (on a Swedish computer)If you are using a Swedish layout and switch to the on-board Dvorak layout your layout will look a bit different than the layout presented in the manual. The attached image shows how my layout works or download the SVG of the layout.

Update: Thanks to Alind for providing a good remapping method. Here is how I switch CapsLock and Shift:

  1. Progrm + F12
  2. Shift
  3. Caps Lock
  4. Caps Lock 
  5. Shift
  6. Progrm + F12

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  1. Also, you can remap any keys on the Kinesis by pressing Progm + F12 (Remap). This enters remap mode where you can press two keys in order. The first key will be mapped to the second you press.

    To switch two keys, first press Key 1 and the Key 2, and the Key 2 and then Key 1. When in remap mode, it is the QWERTY layout, i.e. the key you actually see on the keyboard and not the remapped one.

    My favorite is Caps Lock Shift on the left side. That would be: Progm + F12, Shift, Caps Lock, Caps Lock Shift, Progm + F12 (to exit remapping mode).

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Ola, I was wondering why your Kinesis DVORAK layout has been remapped with the ö and å keys differ from the traditional DVORAK positioning(i.e. next to ä). Is this your preference or a quirk of the Kinesis? Also what would the positioning be for those keys (ä,ö,å) in a QWERTY (Swedish) layout? Did you buy the keyboard form a Swedish supplier or from Kinesis in the US. cheers

  3. @Caleb

    The reason for the somewhat none standard remapping is because I sometimes use the Kinesis onboard Dvorak while running on a Swedish (software) keyboard layout. If you use the onboard Dvorak layout while using an English (software) keyboard layout it works as expected.

    On a Swedish QWERTY layout åäö is located as follows:
    * å just right of the p key
    * ö just right of the l key
    * ä just right of the ö key

    I bought mine from a Swedish supplier (

    Hope that answers your questions. If not just post again and I’ll try to explain.

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