Wacom Graphire 4 Problems with Gimp and Inkscape

Wacom Graphire 4 - Gimp problemSome weeks ago I managed to get Gimp and Inkscape to work with my Wacom Graphire 4 in Windows. Today when I re-installed my computer they broke again. It’s really strange because I have installed the same packages now as I did then.

The problem is that there are an offset between the cursor and the drawing area. If you look at the screen shot you’ll see the problem.

I’ll try to find a solution to this once and for all and post an update here.

If you kill the tablet process and reattach the tablet you will be able to use the tablet in Gimp but without any pressure sensibility.

There is a bug report for this in the Gnome Bugzilla repository.

Update 071026: I think my problems are solved in Gimp 2.4 (as well as the latest Inkscape). Have been running it for 1 day now without my problem. I can’t get the pressure sensibility to work though but at least it’s way better than before.

Update 071215: Well it broke again… The new workaround is to disable pressure sensitivity in Gimp by adding the –no-wintab command line option to the Windows short cut (right click, edit and just add the option). I have tried to find a solution to add the –no-wintab options to have Gimp always use it but I can’t find it so if you have any idea on how to do that please tell me!

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  1. This is a somple problem with your xorg.conf, basiclly your wacom tablet is associated with the wrong event#

    look to see what is configured in your /etc/X1l/xorg.conf for your tablet then try wacdump till you find one that responds correctly.

    As root try:
    wacdump -v /dev/input/event1

    where /dev/input/event1
    should be changed to match the setting from xorg.conf. Try changing the event# till you find one that shows the pen working.

    Once you have, you will need to change the xorg.conf to match the correct input#. Mine is:
    wacdump -v /dev/input/event7

    so I updated my xorg.conf with this and now it works until reboot.

    You will have to restart your X Session, on many distro’s you can restart it by logging out of your session or CTRL-ALT-Backpsace

  2. Andre: Once I get the events correct it works fine in Linux. The problem I have in Linux is that the events seems to change if I plug my Wacom tablet in different USB ports.

    In Windows I still have the same problem though.

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