Ubuntu Gutsy – Dual Screen Resolution Almost Works!

Ubuntu Gutsy - Resolution on external monitor is kind of ok!I run a 14″ build in monitor on my laptop (1024×768) and a 17″ external monitor (1280×1024). I would like to use only the external monitor when I’m at home and the laptop monitor when I’m not. Getting this to play nice has always been a problem in any Linux distribution I have ever tried.

But today I did a dist-upgrade on my Ubuntu Gutsy laptop and for the first time the resolution on my external monitor just popped up in the correct resolution. This is fabulous! I just booted it up and off it went; with the correct resolution. Even the quick buttons (fn-f7) did toggle the monitors on and off as supposed.

Well we are getting there! Believe me! Good work on all you Ubuntu/Xorg/Xserv/Open Source developers!

Update: When I booted my computer today it didn’t really recognize the resolution correct but instead tried to auto configure it. Surprise! It didn’t really work but to my great enjoyment it put up the failsafe X where I could adjust the screen resolution and I was fine to go again. Not perfect but a lot better than before so I’m still happy!

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  1. Yeah, it’s getting a lot better. I tried the config applet two or three weeks before Gutsy was released (on my MacBook Pro), and it had a few interface problems still at that time. Had to click non-logical buttons in order to get it to update it’s monitor list and such. I hope they have fixed that by now..

    But the main problem with running Linux on laptops with external screens still remain: When you remove the external screen and want to run only the internal display you have to restart X (correct me if I am wrong – but I had to do that on my ATI fglrx-driven card). And that is just plain annoying 🙂

  2. Oooooh… But is it included in a mainstream Linux distro, or is it hack and slash as usual to get it up and running?

    The reason I do not use Linux on my laptop anymore is because I am so tired of always having to chase down hackerish solutions to the simplest of problems – like attaching external displays/projectors seamlessly. It Should Just Work. And in MacOSX it does 😀

  3. Of course it should just work! Xorg 7.3 is included in Gutsy but I guess there are more job required to get the tools to support it (the screen admin tool in Gutsy is an example) before it works out of the box. Until then I guess it’s the hakkerty-hakk way 🙁

    I gave it a try in Gutsy and it was better than ever but not totally usable.. But as I said, we are getting there!

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