Tomato Router – Quality Of Service (QoS)

In my previous post I requested you to help and seed the new Ubuntu Gutsy release. After having my torrent client seeding for some hours I realized that my DSL connection (8Mbit/1Mbit) wasn’t as keen as I was on the high network load it created. It made my computer almost unusable.

Luckily my router running the Tomato firmware had great support for Quality Of Service. I set it up according to the screen shots below and the network problems went away. It might be worth looking into!

Tomato: QoS - Basic Setup
Tomato: QoS – Basic Settings

Tomato: QoS - Classification
Tomato: QoS – Classifications

Tomato: QoS - Graphs
Tomato: QoS – Graphs

I’m not sure if I managed to set it up properly so all comments are appreciated!

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  1. I am trying to check out how useful the Qos is in the Tomato implementation. I like to test these scenarios to ensure the Qos really works just as it should and not just some fancy GUI with overheads.
    Can one of you GURUs help me chalk out few test cases where I can really see the Qos in action? example how do I see KAZA, BITTORRENT, FILE UPLOADS etc to pick up steam in throughput with Qos enabled? Any/every help is much appreciated!!

  2. I think you can only restrict uploads (downloads have already consumed the bandwidth when the packages arrives at your router). You could to set up some downloads and uploads (take a big file, for example an Ubuntu ISO or something like) and measure speed over some time and compare that between when running QoS and not.

    The Tomato QoS manual is pretty detailed these days:

    Feel free to come back with questions and good luck!

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