Software Recomendations!

Today I’ll do a quick round up on a number of different programs that I have found the last days. First a game, then a computer recovery tool, an audio player and I round up with a new web browser for your phone!

Frets On Fire
This is a game where you play ”the guitar” and are supposed to hit different ”notes” in tact with music as they appears on the screen. It works surprisingly well with your keyboard but I guess you’ll get the most out of the game if you hook up a fake guitar to your computer (for example the RedOctane Guitar Hero SG Controller with an USB to Playstation convertor).
Update: I have now bought a guitar for the PS2 version of Guitar Hero and plugged it into a USB to PS2 convertor. It works really well!

Simon playing Frets On Fire

I ran this game on my laptop (a fairly old 1.5ghz laptop) and it worked quite well but I had some random runtime errors that kept crashing the game. After some research I found out about a setting in the game called ”Light Graphics” and after setting that to ”On” my problems disappeared.

Two songs are included in the game and you can import songs from the Playstation game Guitar Hero (if you are going to buy a RedOctane guitar the game can be bought bundled with the guitar) or you can check out community made songs. You can even make your own songs and import. See the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Frets On Fire is available for Linux and Windows and an experimental Mac OS X version is also available.

Check out the Frets On Fire web site for more information.

Update: Frets On Fire is currently not developed but are merged to FoFiX that is

Carbon Copy Cloner
Some months ago I got an old PowerMac MDD that I’m using for video editing. The computer had an old 80GB hard drive that I didn’t trust but I wasn’t very keen on doing a reinstall. Instead I searched around for a tool to clone a hard drive to another; Carbon Copy Cloner is just that tool and it works really well!

I just inserted the new hard drive in my computer, booted up (from my old disk with the new one as a slave disk), formated the new disk (in the standard Mac OS X disk utility) and selected to clone the old disk to the new. Half an our later it was done. I shut down the computer, removed the old disk and booted up on the new one. Viola!

Cog – A great audio player for Mac OS X
Ok, I think that iTunes is a good audio player if you need a complete set with all those whistles and bells but since this is not my primary computer that’s not what I want. Instead I tried out Cog which is a seems to be a great light weight audio player. It’s in early development (I got the 0.06 release) but after running it for some hours I haven’t had any problems yet.

Opera Mini 4 beta
Opera has been my favorite web browser for the phone since I started to surf the web on my phone. It’s now available in a new version (version 4 beta) and it’s so great I wish my desktop computer was a phone!

Thats all for now. Hopefully will these tools do you as much good for you as they have for me! Comments, questions and feedback is as always welcome!

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4 svar på ”Software Recomendations!”

  1. Carbon Copy Cloner totally rocks! Thanks to it, I haven’t reinstalled any of my computers since Tiger came out. Just clone and go!
    To Mac OS X there are several apps like this available (even the system’s own Disk Utility can do it) but I haven’t seen anything like it at any other platform (Norton Ghost doesn’t count…). Does anyone have an explanation for this?

  2. In Linux I have used the command line tool dd (see ) but that isn’t really comparable I think (since it lacks a GUI) even though it’s quite easy to use.

    I have also used Device Image to create an image from a Windows partition that later could be copied back to the partition or another drive (see /2006/06/04/windows-rescue-disk/ ) but I agree that Carbon Copy Cloner is a whole other beast! As you said.. It rocks!

    The best explanation I have is that developers using OS X are fostered to create tools as easy to use as Carbon Copy. It could also be that Apples developer tools and libraries really supports you on creating application this great.

  3. Another explanation might be that HFS allows actions such as moving and copying files while they’re open. After all, CCC is just a graphical shell to the CLI util ditto (=copy files along with their resource forks).

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