Finally! We are leaving Gothenburg and it feels good!

I moved to Gothenburg with Elisabet the 20th of July 2002 to start studying at Chalmers. We got an apartment in Tynnered. At first I thought it was great but the more I lived there, the more sad it seemed to be. Everything about Tynnered except the extremely good pizzas was sad.

After some months I quit at Chalmers and started to study Social Anthropology. It was great fun and I have never learned so much about myself, wars, society, cultures and humanity ever before. But study Humanities was not my bag and I wanted back to computers. I applied for the Software Engineering and Management at the IT University of Gothenburg.

We had a burglary and decided to leave Tynnered. I did some minor web jobs in the summer (2003) and at the same time as I started at the IT University we found a second hand apartment that we could rent for four months. It was located in Linné and I liked that a lot. I could walk to the ferry in the morning; home – IT University took me only 20 minutes. It was great. By luck, Elisabet found an apartment we could rent at Svingeln and this is the best thing with Gothenburg! We moved here the 15th of October 2003 and this is the apartment we are leaving now.

I liked the IT University and have found a lot of friends there. I liked Gothenburg more and more. I worked at One Off in the summer of 2004, made even more friends and it felt like I actually lived in Gothenburg!

January 2006 Elisabet got an internship in Stockholm. I continued at the IT University, got a summer job as a programmer, wrote my bachelor thesis and graduated. All in a hoop! She found out that she could continue to work in Stockholm, but had to write her Master Thesis first. I got a job as a developer and the more I work, the more I realize how much I like to work! And now, we are on our way back to Stockholm. Elisabet hands her thesis in tomorrow, we are moving on Saturday and leaving the keys for our current apartment on Monday. I’m excited!

This image represents Gothenburg as I know and love it. It’s hard to explain the love for a wall so I will not even try, but the colors are an important factor.

Gothenburg as I know and love it!

Thanks Gothenburg. I might be back!

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  1. Hej då, Ola och Ellie! Synd att vi inte hann säga hej då innan ni begav er mot hufvudstaden. Jag önskar er all lycka till med jobb och liv! Själv blir jag kvar här i ett antal år till, så vi kanske ses, det finns en chans, på en spårvagn nånstans! (rip off Håkan Hellström) Ta hand om varandra! Kramar i massor/ Jessica

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