Finally – Inkscape, Gimp and Wacom!

A year ago I replaced my old Wacom Intous 1 for a Wacom Graphire 4 and to my great frustration neither Inkscape nor Gimp could handle the new pad. I researched it and found out something about a GTK/Wacom-driver error… This was sad since I really liked both of the applications.

Inkscape with Tango Icons Gimp with Tango Icons

But today I downloaded the newest versions of both Inkscape and Gimp and it works like a charm! So welcome back in my life, I have missed you both!

Unfortunately the new version of GTK seems to break Workrave.

The Tango Icons are so nice! I cant stop playing with them ^_^

Update: After reinstalling all my GTK+ applications it doesn’t work again. I’ll try to find a solution for this and update this post once I know why.

Gimp shortcut propertiesUpdate 071215: Well it broke again… The new workaround is to disable pressure sensitivity in Gimp by adding the –no-wintab command line option to the Windows short cut (rightclick, edit and just add the option). I have tried to find a solution to add the –no-wintab options to have Gimp always use it but I can’t find it so if you have any idea on how to do that please tell me!

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  1. Solution: Download the 4.97-6 driver (
    Uninstall newer tablet driver.
    Install normally in Windows XP.

    For Vista, you will have to disable UAC temporarily. Go to -> Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Turn User Account Control On or Off -> Then uncheck the box. No need to restart. Try to install. It will say ”Platform not supported”. When you close the dialog a Windows Dialog will pop up and say something about correct settings (maybe it turns XP compatibility on?). Click ”Retry install”. It should work now.


  2. Sam,

    After a frustrating evening trawling through forums I barely understood, your instructions managed to help me get my GIMP back! Thanks ever so much, you’re a star!

    I run Vista and I tried the method you described for a while, to no avail – no window popped up after the ”platform not supported.” I found this page, which tells you how to run the installation in vista –

    Before you run the installation for the old driver, you need to open the programme in explorer, click properties and go to the compatibility tab. You need to check ”Run this programme in compatibility mode for” then select Windows XP Service Pack 2.

    Worked like a charm.

    Thanks much, Frankie.

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