Embedding Google Maps broke my WordPress text editor

Today I tried to embed a custom Google Map to my blog and ended up with an unusable WordPress editor! It didn’t even allow me to remove the iFrame -code.

Here is how I broke it:

  1. Created a custom Google Maps -map
  2. Copied the embed-map-html code (an iFrame) to the Code field in WP
  3. Saved the post as a draft
  4. Loaded my and when I saved the blog post as a draft and discovered that I couldn’t edit the post any more

To recover from this it would have been possible to discard the draft but since I had put some time in editing I didn’t want to do that. Instead I fired up my MySQL editor and tried to locate the html text in the database for manual removal. All of a sudden it struck me. The easy solution! The good solution! I disabled JavaScript in Firefox, loaded the web page and viola! I got the simple WordPress text editor back and could remove the iFrame-code from Google Maps.

Firefox disable javascript

I have now attached a post-it with the text ”Keep It Simple Stupid” on my monitor (again). Simon has got one as well.

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