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Aardvark screen shotI used to use the the Web Developer extension for Firefox when writing CSS. The only feature I used was the feature to display a red box around your different elements to see how changes affects them when there is something wrong. But I have always seen this Add-on a bit clumsy for this purpose which almost always leaves me with setting a red border for all the elements that I want to ”debug”, and that’s even more clumsy!
Hopefully these problems are at it’s end now! Yesterday Magnus showed me Aadvark. This Firefox Add-on lets you display different elements by hovering them with the mouse.

Try it out!

ps. If you are on Firefox 2, you might need to use the Nightly Tester Tools to be able to install Aadvark.

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4 svar på ”Web developer Add-on for Firefox”

  1. The Web Developer Toolbar does that too, try shift-ctrl/cmd-f! Another killer feature is that you can edit the stylesheet used on a page in real-time.
    But I’ll give Aadvark a shot, if you say it’s good it probably is!

  2. Yes, it does and that’s brilliant!

    I think that the possibility to edit the stylesheets in the browser is a very good feature, in theory but I also think that you miss out a lot from your ordinary editor (for example color coding, auto formating etc) and that makes it hard to use for real development.

  3. I personally prefer the FireBug extension. It has that hover-thingy-feature and live JavaScript debugging among other things. And a very versatile source code viewer.

    And best of all, it’s not at all intrusive. Just a small icon in the status bar.

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