Bachelor Thesis!

In the last semester at the IT University I wrote my Bachelor Thesis together with Peter Thorin. We evaluated the maturity of a Microsoft tool for model driven development called Microsoft Domain-Specific Languge Tools (DSL Tools).

The work included building a MetaModel for Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) using DSL Tools and compare the results, both in the time it took to develop the MetaModel and the number of elements in our language, with existing studies on similar techniques (UML MetaModel extensions and UML Profiles).

Since no definition for SOA existed a literature review was conducted as part of the work. This resulted in a requirement specification for what elements that should be included in our SOA based on in how many different studies an element was mentioned.

The work was very interesting since no previous work on DSL Tools were available and that DSL Tools will become an important technique when developing software.

The work resulted in an article; Bachelors article: Evaluating Microsoft Domain-Specific Language Tools – an Empirical Study of Domain-Specific Languages and Service-Oriented Architecture. The study was rewarded with an A.

Video from the presentation

Update 071129: This paper has been accepted to the SERPS conference! Read more on the Göteborg University web site.

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