Syncronize my Sony Ericsson K800i via Bluetooth

All I needed was to be able to receive multiple files sent via Bluetooth from my phone to my computer. At first, this seemed easy, but after running the Bluetooth receive files wizard in Windows I realized that it was not capable of receiving multiple files without restarting the wizard for each file. So I searched around a bit (unfortunately quite a big bit), but at last I found FMA (2.1 beta 3).

It’s not perfect, but I can at least get my images from my phone now.

If you have any other recommendations for good Bluetooth programs, please post comments!

Update 1: I just found the program MyPhoneExplorer. It seems even better!

Update 2: I have tried MyPhoneExplorer more now and it is a good program. Try it out! I attach a screen shot from the calendar view below.

My Phone Explorer - Calendar (Low)

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