SanDisk SDMX1-1024R – Disassembly Instructions

After fixing three different mp3-players with the same problem I’m starting to see a pattern of bad soldering on the connections for the ear phones plug. Fortunately the fix is easy if you have a basic knowledge about soldering.

I’ll go into detail for how I solved the problem with a SanDisk 1GB, MP3-Player (model number: SanDisk SDMX1-1024R).

Before you begin, remember that if you have warranty for your product try to get it replaced before. This fix will void your warranty!

Start by removing the three screws as in image 1 and 2.

Unscrew 1
Image 1

Unscrew 2
Image 2

Then you remove the plastic shields on both sides as in image 3. This was a bit tricky, but if you are careful and try to lift it up in one side you should be fine.

Remove the plastict shields.
Image 3

Image 4 and 5 shows how it should look once the shields are removed.

Plastic shield removed 1
Image 4

Plastic shield removed 2
Image 5

Then you lift up the plastic body on one side, this was also a bit tricky, so be careful! Image 6 shows what it should look like.

Remove the plastic body
Image 6

Remove the ”main board” as in Image 7.

Image 7

Then you remove the card that holds the ear phones plug by lifting it. Image 8 shows the ear phones card removed.
Ear phones card
Image 8

I could then see the bad soldering on the connector for the ear phones plug and I replaced that. Once I was confident that my new soldering was good I put the mp3-player together again and it worked.

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15 svar på ”SanDisk SDMX1-1024R – Disassembly Instructions”

  1. Great! Just super when someone has already opened your product so you don’t have to guess where all the little plastic notches are, and you end up breaking half of them anyway.

    Just opened my wife’s SanDisk SDMX1-512R which looks exactly the same inside. It had the exact same bad soldering, probably some fabrication mismatch somewhere. Well, off to fix the soldering 🙂

    Thanks again!

  2. Thanx a lot man! My sandisk’s on/off button was stuck. Had no clue how to open after unscrewing it. But this site did it all.

    Great job!

  3. Just bought one thru Woot and it came with no instructions or software. Can someone send a link where I can get get these? I can’t even find the one/off switch. Thanks.

  4. Thank you for sharing this with us! I was about to replace my 256M player because the right phone was intermittent. A new bit of solder and it works great.

  5. Thanks!

    my brother has a sdmx1 512 mb and he had the same problem but with the contact at the other side (of image 8)

  6. Thanks man, I had the same problem with the SDMX1-1024R, I just love it when you find the tools on the Internet to help you fix something.

  7. Just took my broken unit apart and found a broken solder joint exactly where you show. It’s now fixed and working fine. Thanks!

  8. Was looking for a way to open my SanDisk SDMX1-1024 let alone how to fix the short…..had the same bad solder joint problem and was able to fix it thanks to this site. I thought my earbuds were going bad. Now it works like new. Many thanks for your info !

  9. Thanks very much. I removed the screws, but couldn’t figure out how to take the case apart until I found your excellent instructions. The case came apart without a hitch and after touching a pencil solder iron to the bad solder joint the player works great.

  10. Man, thank you so much! I had gotten as far as removing the screws and couldn’t figure out where to go from there. Now I just need to unearth the old soldering iron and mend the break.

  11. Thanks for the photos, it helped me get those side guards off. After that only took a couple of minutes to fix the jack. Works like new now!

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