Can One Have a Submarine as Pleasure Boat?

Some days ago I saw a submarine on my way to school. Ever since I have been talking about it and asking people if one are allowed to have a submarine as pleasure boat. At first I guessed that is was no problem with it, but then I thought that people would probably be scared.

Is it legal to have a submarine as your pleasure boat?

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Ett svar på ”Can One Have a Submarine as Pleasure Boat?”

  1. Is it legal to have a submarine? Yes it is! A few guys in Småland acually built a submarine this autumn. Thay have the intentions to use it as a turist attraction.
    In The medditeranian archiplilago there are several companies using tiny subs for people whom use money as toiletpaper. LR5 is an english submarine with room for 7 persons and two pilots. 2001 I had the priviledge to make an rid whit it outside the coast of Denmark.
    The submarine you saw i Gothenburg was the Swedish minisub ”Spiggen”.

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