I finaly went to the doctor (1.5 weeks ago) to get advices about my wrist problems. In our house we have this private hospital thingie (akutkliniken) that I went to and it was the best visit to a hospital ever. It took 1 minute to get to the doctor!

Anyway he told me that my problem is that one muscle on becomes to short and stiff when sitting by a computer resulting in some ligament thingie getting squeezed. See picture 1.

Picture 1 – The green is the muscle thats to short and the red is the ligament thats squeezed.

He learned me a number of stretching techniques that I should do ~5 times each day and guess what. It’s really much better! I’ll put up pictures of how I was told to stretch. Note! If you are having problem, visit your doctor directly!

Picture 2 – Stretching upper.

Picture 3 – Stretching side.

Picture 4 – Stretching side.

Picture 5 – Stretching lower. Update: sorry about the size of this image. I forgot to resize!

Update: Check this post as well.

Update: The images in this post is lost 🙁

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