Project SEAGRID – Done!

The forth semester’s project (at the IT University), SEAGRID, was aimed to create a simulation of an automatic container harbor. The project was a mid size project with about 50 team members. To organize the project all team members where split into nine different teams, all with its own responsibilities.

I had two roles in SEAGRID where the first was as a team leader for the project team responsible for the network connection between all different nodes in the system. My other role was as a developer on parts of the network code. There are much learnings from being in such a big project, of which the most obvious is to realize how much work information and knowledge synchronization between different teams requires. Another learning is that the overall architecture and requirements affect how effective the organization works. A clear architecture is crucial to split the work load between different teams as early as possible.

Reports and source code from SEAGRID is available below:

I worked in the distributed systems team. See chapter 4 in the report for more information.

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