Project Rumorize; 3 down – 3 to go!

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The third semester at the IT University we had the idea to create a system that should search various discussion forums and other websites to assemble similar information. This was done by creating an intelligent agent that searched the web sites, grouped the data and put the information in a database. The data could then be presented on web sites or other medias.

My roles in this project was to ensure the quality of the documents produced as well as developing the agents and matching algorithms. All implementation was done in Erlang.

The following documentation was produced:

  • Requirement Documentation
  • Design Specification
  • Source Code
  • Rumorize! web site
  • A number of other artifacts

The data in the version of the web site above is based on about 500 000 posts in various Linux support forums. Note! The data on the Rumorize! web site is not updated since January 2005.

Download: All Documentation from the Rumorize project!

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