As all Wednesdays we (Adam, Elisabet and me (Magnus couldn’t come today)) meet and made food. Today Adam made a spinach, gorgonzola and fresh pasta thingie that was really fresh!

Onsdagsklubben - Mat

Then we watched the 10th episode of LOST (yes, we have not downloaded all the episodes as all other people I know…) on TV. I’m not sure if LOST is that fantastic as I’ve heard, but it’s nice to watch something that’s not a reality show. Those reality shows has really taken over all TV time. I wonder if those reality shows will be sent in reapeated transmission on afternoons some years from now (like baywatch and such is sent now)…

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  1. Hey! I’m the chief chef!
    Your idea about reality shows seems very possibel. And god I hate them! ^_^

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