iDEAL festival 2005

iDEAL festival this weekend was nice. Kaffe Matthews opened (yes, I missed the first day) with a sweet show where we all sat down on the floor. Pretty much like the story telling (at the library) when I was a kid. I realized how much I have missed those silent (in my head silent – not in the world silent) moments where I can get inspired and breath.

Phil Elvrum (The Microphones) followed up with a friendly, singalong show where he managed to keep me interested (and most of us i believe) in the show with much talking between the tracks.

That night’s (exepected) highlight, Khonnor was OK. Not more.. The first tracks was pleasant but the show was inferior. I thing they (he) should put some more effort into the show.

Saturday started with a long walk and coffee. Then we made pasta, spinach and halloumi and went of to day 3.

Scion (URL?) feat. Paul St Hilaire was totally the best that night. Even though End was most dancy. Carsten Nicolai had impressive visualizations that matched the music so well.

iDEAL festival is the sweetest! Almost all artists stays the other days and seems to enjoy the music as much as I did. iDEAL also the festival where the audience is between 20 and 50 years of age. It’s sad it’s over!

Photos from day 3 (we forgot the camera day2)

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