Food sightseeing…

…on our way home from grocery shopping with two BIG paper bags and two BIG backpacks!

We started in Mölndal. 12 minutes until next tram no 4. We waited. When we arrive at Korsvägen! Guess what! 18 minutes until next tram 6!

Voila! A buss that was heading to the Central station! That’s really close to us! Lets catch that one and take the buss home from the Central station. It’s only one stop from home home and there are plenty of buses that we can go by!

At the Central station buss no 52 arrived. I have been using this buss to and from school one month this winter when I thought it was impossible to go by bike. So we jumped on the buss…

…and Västtrafik has changed buss no 52.. So it doesn’t pass Svingeln any more. YHEAS! One step back… We are at Heden.. We decided to walk the 500 meter from Heden to Ullevi, where we took tram no 3.. And finally home.. almost one hour for a trip that usually doesn’t take more than 15 minutes.

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