RSI: two weeks later

Two weeks ago I decided that I couldn’t continue to have a pain in my wrists any more. So I had some different opportunities where the two closest where to:

  • stop using computers more or less or,
  • really try to start caring about how I use my computer

I chose the last one, which at first thought seemed to hinder me from being into the software engineering or being into Linux and open source. And yes, I’ll probably have problems using a computer as much as now, but as it feels today I actually am feeling better since I can be a bit less stressed (using the computer less) and still get more done (on the computer).

I’ll share the most important changes:

  • I have installed my old wacomtablet again. I’m not that fast as with the mouse (that’s why I put it away), but speed doesn’t feel that important any more. With that at home and a mouse and trackpad (or what’s it called?) at school.
  • I have set up workrave ( whith a 20 sek break every 5 minutes, a 5 min break every 30 minutes and a max of 4 hours per day (the counters stop if you stop ”using” the computer). In the beginning it made me mad, but I actually think it might give me a chance to get some distance to how a certain problem can be solved and therefore even save me time.
  • Changed my keyboard layout to Svorak (Swedish Dvorak). I really recommend you changing even though it’s a pain to learn (2 weeks and you survive on it). See: for Dvorak information.
  • Change all instant messaging to voice chat. I’m not totally done here even if I try. This one is hard since much chatting is with persons that I really enjoy chatting with… But I think it must go or at least much time limited.
  • Listen to podcasts instead of reading blogs. It’s great! You can be outside on a walk and still listen to Linux programs (if that’s what you like).
  • Remapped my shortcuts so they don’t hurt!

That’s the knowledge I have gained so far.

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