Fruit drinks in Khuraburi, Thailand


The first part in a series of public portraits; The happy people of Thailand?

I’ve just returned from three weeks in Thailand. Yoga, climbing, snorkeling and vacation on the beach 🙂

I’ve also been photographing a lot and one question is. Why do many of the people look so happy? When I talk to people here they don’t. What’s the secret?

More pictures and a story (in Swedish) on my blog:

Mas des Dames – A wine yard with a story Southern France


Mas des Dames is a wineyard just outside Murviel les Besierz in Southern France. The wines are really good, have won many prices and are available in the fine restaurants.

When we were there Lidewij told her inspiring story on how she quit her job in advertising in Amsterdam, moved to Languedoc to start making wines. She talked about the wine school in France and how the French mens didn’t really like, and did what they could to make it harder for, her making wines.

Well worth a visit!