Combine Time Lapses with standard DV – Avidemux and Sony Vegas

I’ve just gone trough some hoops to import a time lapse video made in Avidemux into my standard DV project in Sony Vegas. My first issue was to find a suitable video format and the second to get the size of the time lapse video to match the size of the DV format. I’ll go through all steps in an example project below. I’ll use a time lapse with 14 stills and a DV project (PAL, 720×576, 4:3) with one clip.

Sequence the filenames
Avidemux is a bit picky that the file names of the images are in a sequence. I use ReNamer to automatically serialize the images.

I use ReNamer to serialize file names
I use ReNamer to serialize file names

Making the time lapse video in Avidemux
Even though Sony Vegas can import still images I prefer Avidemux for my time lapses.

Open the first image in Avidemux and make sure all frames are visible in the video. Since I’m going to export the video to Sony Vegas I want to use a format that preserves as much quality as possible. I chose Huffyuv.

Select the frame rate you want. I choose 5 fps.

My time lapse images are in 640 x 480 px and my DV stream is in 720 x 576. I’ll resize the images to 768 x 576 px, then I crop 24 px on each side to get a 720 x 576 px image.

Scale the time lapse images in Avidemux
Scale the time lapse images in Avidemux

Save your time lapse video to avi.

To be able to play the video (in Windows Media Player) I had to install a codec for Huffyuv. I installed the latest ffdshow and selected to install Huffyuv only. I also had to enable Huffyuv in ffdshows VFW configuration utility.

Enable the correct codec
Compare the black border in the preview window with the next screenshot

Now you should be able to play the file in Windows Media Player and it’s time to import the video to Sony Vegas!

Import to Sony Vegas and fix the size problem
I start by just adding my two files to Vegas and preview them. I can see a black border around my time lapse file. I fiddeled around quite a while with this. I tried to resize the time lapse in Event Pan/Crop -tool but could only get that to work if I dissabled Maintain aspect ration.

Compare the black border in the preview window with the next screenshot
Compare the black border in the preview window with the next screenshot
See the black border on the left and right hand side in the preview window. Time lapse video has wrong pixel aspect ratio.
See the black border on the left and right hand side in the preview window. Time lapse video has wrong pixel aspect ratio.

Finally I found out that the pixel aspect ratio differs from my DV file and my time lapse file. On the DV file it’s set to 1,0926 (PAL DV) and on the time lapse it’s set to 1,0000 (Square). I changed it by right clicking on the media, select properties and it’s in the media tab.

Media properties for DV file
Media properties for DV file
Media properties for time lapse file
Media properties for time lapse file

You are done!

Big thanks fo LoRd_Mulder and DarkZell666 in the Avidemux forum for helping me out!

Your Favourite Online Comics on Your XBOX

Yesterday I found a great add-on for Xbox Media Center that allows you to read your favorite online comics on your XBOX. It’s called Comics and is available through the script installer program.

I added Little Gamers to my comics list. Since the feed from Little Gamers doesn’t contain the images I had to put the following information in the XML-file for the script.
    < ![CDATA[
    Hot swedish love

Thanks a lot to BigBellyBilly (the author of the Comics script) for helping me out on this!

If you haven’t Xbox Media Center on you Xbox read: Geek To Live: Transform Your Classic Xbox into a Killer Media Center.

Video: Mini RC 2006/2007

This new video features stunts performed by Mini RC planes and helicopters.


  1. Trädgårdsföreningen, Gothenburg, Sweden 2006
    Starring: Max and Ola
    Time: 0-1:123
  2. Stampen Churchyard, Gothenburg Sweden 2006
    Time: 1:23-1:30
  3. Trädgårns uteservering, Gothenburg, Sweden 2006
    Starring: Max and Ola
    Time: 1:30-3:18
  4. Tollare Folkhögskola, Saltsjö Boo, Sweden 2007
    Starring: Johan and Ola
    Time: 3:18-3:50
  5. Trädgårns uteservering, Gothenburg, Sweden 2006
    Starring: Max
    Time: 3:50-4:26
  6. Tollareängen, Saltsjö Boo, Sweden 2007
    Starring: Adam
    Time: 4:27-4:52
  7. Trädgårdsvägen, Saltsjö Boo, Sweden 2007
    Starring: Simon and Adam
    Time: 4:52-5:37

See this Google Map for all locations pinned down.


  • You Are My Everything – Open Space
  • Garmisch Partenkirchen – Black Paint

Both songs available at


Recomended Music Podcasts

This month wrap up on music podcast recommendations start of with the podcast from The Beats (Mike Skinners record label). Their first podcast (March 24) features beats and remixes from The Streets, Mitchell Brothers and Professor Green. Podcast available on my space.

Next out is the Radio Clit / Ghettopop podcast. It focuses on delivering cute, well packaged pop music and remixes. Some episodes are super! Visit Devrim for additional information.

The last one out is the podcast from Peter Ström. It’s well worth a shoot!

If you have any other resources that I should be aware of please post a comment below!

Video editing in Linux

For almost six months I have been using Linux. I have even managed to tame The Gimp.

But I have one issue – I can’t use Linux for video editing. I don’t have that high demands on the cutting tools, but I must be able to use two (or more) video tracks and one (or more) audio track.

After searching around for ”video editing for Linux” I have found the following programs:

Unfortunately does Cinelerra seems to be the only program that fulfills my needs, but it seems a bit too complicated. I’m not sure I will be able to use it (I’m sorry Heroine Virtual).

The program that looks most interesting is DIVA since it seems to have a nice GUI and Michael Dominics (developer of DIVA) seems to have the correct (IMO) ideas about how program should be designed. Here is a quote from his blog (a reply to a comment) where they have been discussing ”usability”

”…most programs of this kind are cluttered and with a lot of unneeded features. I just hate the Windows’ programs philosophy: try to find the option you want in the Winamp preferences and you’ll know what I’m talking about.”

DIVA is though still in early development process.. Hopefully there will be a version that can be tried out soon. I can’t wait to try it! I’ll come back to this or any of the other video tools later, when I have tried them more.

Don’t forget to check out the demos on Michael Domenics blog (the ”DIVA site”)!

Check out the DIVA Demo #4 from Michael Dominics web log. I love when he adjusts the length of a video clip!

iDEAL festival 2005

iDEAL festival this weekend was nice. Kaffe Matthews opened (yes, I missed the first day) with a sweet show where we all sat down on the floor. Pretty much like the story telling (at the library) when I was a kid. I realized how much I have missed those silent (in my head silent – not in the world silent) moments where I can get inspired and breath.

Phil Elvrum (The Microphones) followed up with a friendly, singalong show where he managed to keep me interested (and most of us i believe) in the show with much talking between the tracks.

That night’s (exepected) highlight, Khonnor was OK. Not more.. The first tracks was pleasant but the show was inferior. I thing they (he) should put some more effort into the show.

Saturday started with a long walk and coffee. Then we made pasta, spinach and halloumi and went of to day 3.

Scion (URL?) feat. Paul St Hilaire was totally the best that night. Even though End was most dancy. Carsten Nicolai had impressive visualizations that matched the music so well.

Photos from day 3 (we forgot the camera day2… sorry)

iDEAL festival is the sweetest! Almost all artists stays the other days and seems to enjoy the music as much as I did. iDEAL also the festival where the audience is between 20 and 50 years of age. It’s sad it’s over!