The road to Fontainebleau?


I saw the beautiful roadsign just outside the market place in Milly la foret. Grabbed my camera and the ATM-man walked in to my frame.

Where is he going? And what will he buy there?

Bouldering video from Fontainebleau October 2010

I’ve just uploaded a bouldering video from our trip to Fontainebleau October 2010. Enjoy!

Fontainebleau is located about 60 km south of Paris. It is a well known bouldering area. I want to show how it is to climb there. You walk around in a beautiful forest all days. With many other people. Whole families are out in the forest. Having coffee. Playing with their kids. Seniors climbing harder than you ever will be able to. I love it so.

Also. See my photos from Fontainebleau.

This video contains problems from mostly the blue circuits in