2014 års Slipstream-katalog

Vi har just laddat upp 2014 års Slipstream-katalog!

Katalogen, inklusive att ta fram grafiker, är mitt största jobb under hösten. Vi utgick från 2013 och byggde vidare på samma koncept men I år har vi åkbilder på de flesta uppslagen. Jag har tagit många men vi har även externa fotografer. Kul som tusan!

Här är uppslaget för Slipstream-brädan Buddy. Fler bilder finns längst ner.

Buddy - Slipstream katalog 2014

Nu har jag några ändringar kvar på själva produkterna sen kan det lika gärna bli vår!

Elektor AD, logos & website for EmbCode!

EmbCode is a software development house in Gothenburg that specialise in building hight quality embedded products. We’ve started a long term cooperation half a year ago where I’m helping with project management and marketing.

We meet every other thursday morning to follow up the last sprint (the last 2 weeks of work), estimate and prioritise the next. And sometimes we discuss the long term goals for EmbCode.

We’ve also been working together in parallell with creating an AD for the electronics magazine Elektor, creating product logos, designeng product boxes, a new web site and getting started on the social web.

We needed a simple way to organise the work so we started out with a simple post it system on a white board
The half page AD that we’ve made for Elektor. A lot of work went into defining the most important company and product values.
A screenshot of the EmbCode web site. We currently have the first version online and are planning to work 4 hours per week on updating the web site (& overall web presence).
We still think it’s important that you feel that you bought something (physical). You can get the EmbCode products as both downloads and boxes.
All the products have their own logo. We also associate all products with a color.

Slipstream Longboards – Web flyers summer 2011

Some web flyers, banners and ads I made for Slipstream Longboards this summer. I have also taken all photos except the ones for NDO and the NSM ad.

Web flyer for a longboard trick competition 2011.
Web flyer for Slipstream demo at Junkyard
Web flyer for Slipstream demo at Junkyard
Web flyer for Slipstream Slidejam, Oslo 2011
Web flyer for Slipstream Slidejam, Oslo 2011
Näckrosdammen Open, poster 2011. Based on last years poster. Made with lots of feedback from Patrik at Madrid Skateboards.
Ad for Nordic Surfers Mag